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"Thank you for your help with the processing of taxes for my aunt's estate. Tax issues were intimidating and complicated for this first time executor, and your expertise and quick responses at all my questions definitely put me at ease."



"The returns were not easy as a result of the absence of vital records and the inability to sort things out with the client directly.  Khadija was able to uncover the required information to be able to create the best net result for the client. Not only did she do all that but she did it in a very compressed period of time (and in the middle of tax season)!"



"Khadija is competent, conscientious professional that I can rely on.  She is great with follow-up and her attention to detail is outstanding."




"Khadija was the only CPA my attorney would recommend. I had a complicated tax situation- Estate, Trust, IRA and my personal taxes. Khadija took the time to thoroughly understand all aspects of my situation and explored all possible options. The result of her hard work was that I received a tax refund when I had anticipated paying taxes. Bottom line, the money Khadija saved me more than paid for her services. I will definitely be working with her again next year."

"Khadija is a real professional. I would recommend working with Khadija to anyone interested in working with a quality accountant." 




"Thank you very much for your work on the estate and this third accounting. I truly appreciate your accounting skills and your supportive encouragement. You have made what is for me a difficult task far more doable and pleasant.  You have managed to resolve a complicated and confused earlier accounting that I attempted to do on my own that not even another tax accountant, an attorney, or auditor from the Register of Wills could bring into balance. Moreover, I appreciate your completion of the overdue tax forms that the decedent had not filed and with the tax matters concerning the estate itself."